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    Julia Origo poetry: Bad girl


    Bad girl


    Pity those poor Italian men,

    out of reach,

    (oh, celibacy in despair!)

    but they never look sorry


    I was invisible to the man on the street

    I told him that I was really excited

    (born one second after midnight

    on New Year’s Day)

    a self-absorbed, thumb-sucking bad girl,

    beware your wildest dreams…


    Rain fell like nails upon us,

    I seduce his father who flirts with his seatmate

    on a long plane flight.

    I had always wanted a real man

    (always the same face)

    as I knew better than to offer him to pay

    for he can watch his family from

    beyond the grave

    (sad news of the death, oh yes,

    the theft of childhood and

    the dangers to the young, oh yes)


    delve deeper into Celebrating Possibility

    and an engaging sense






    It made no difference.


    Julia Origo

    Verona 1965 – London 2005

    (From: Bad girl, 1985)

    museum of lost concepts

    Museum of Lost Concepts | 10:25 am | mei 22, 2009 | Origo, Julia

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