J.A. Woolf: Making memories (08)

l’altra verso occidente, mentre la terza se ne volò diritto e non arrivò molto lontano, ma cadde a terra ben presto. This translation could become the grounds for the exhibition.” Still further up, the flat roof of a shopping center dominated by ventilators becomes the exhibition space for systematically arranged finds from the Venice lagoon “Right, a cow’s eye, that’s exactly what I was thinking about. Maybe it’s possible to create a clear view to be seen from one side, and from another side—another view, as if seen through the binoculars. Or like when the observer and the observed switch positions constantly. Before the passage into the former cloister building, the smoke machine by Pipilotti Rist generates beautiful, short-lived air bubbles. Pepi Maier’s spiral-shaped copper-tube ice sculpture floats in the attic of the Ursulinenhof, iced over by the moisture of the air and with the help of a cooling machine. Following a winding entry into the north tower, visitors finally reach the large attic of the Ursuline church. Dopo un anno, il re prese di nuovo moglie: una donna bella, ma orgogliosa; non poteva tollerare che qualcuno la superasse in bellezza. Possedeva uno specchio e, quando vi si specchiava, diceva:-Specchio fatato, in questo castello, hai forse visto aspetto più bello?-E lo specchio rispondeva:-E’ il tuo, Regina, di tutte il più bello!-Ed ella era contenta, perché.!!

J.A. Woolf

Making memories (08)

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