Julia Origo poetry: Observations


Julia Origo

(1965 – 2005)

O b s e r v a t i o n s


Thoughts and observations on man and nature:

my mental temperament is highly developed,

if you were a gentleman you’d offer me a ride

and hear the satisfaction in my voice,

maybe I would blush, every now and then,

maybe not,

maybe I’ll write a poem.


(From: Transfusion, 1987)


museum of lost concepts

Julia Origo poetry: Suicide




in a flash


by misfortune and eager,

all the worst losses and woes of life,

examine her regrets,


just an attempt at genuine connection

(winters and summers)

at times, struggling to hear,

she leans forward,

face creasing with concentration,

eyes searching.


How Did It Come To This?


Julia Origo

(1965-2005 – From: Escape, 1991)


museum of lost concepts