J.A. Woolf: Making memories (06)

Re-entering the OK, visitors are greeted by Eduardo Coimbra with a sky panorama of neon tubes. Before the passage into the former cloister building, the smoke machine by Pipilotti Rist generates beautiful, short-lived air bubbles. “Mira, el mejor lugar , una prima mía me ha hecho padrino de su hijo; acaba de nacerle un pequeñuelo de piel blanca con manchas pardas, y quiere que yo lo lleve a la pila bautismal E perché‚ non litigassero fra di loro, li condusse davanti al castello, soffiando fece volare in aria tre piume e disse: -Dovete seguire il loro volo-. Il Grullo ringraziò e se ne tornò a casa. These include departure from the conventions of the museum, its formats and acquired lexicon, as well as disregard for the boundaries between its divisions: exhibition, collection, iterpretation, production, storage, ducation, etc. "Right, a cow’s eye, that’s exactly what I was thinking about. Maybe it’s possible to create a clear view to be seen from one side, and from another side—another view, as if seen through the binoculars. Or like when the observer and the observed switch positions constantly.

J.A. Woolf: Making Memories (06)

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